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about the author

Hello! I'm Rémi Prévost (fiz) and I'm the foundator of this company (!) and the author of this website.
I am a grade 4 secondary student (10th grade) in a small school situated in the Province of Quebec in Canada, Planet Earth.

This web site was built in a 100Mhz Pentium Processor Computer while listening to Sum41, System of a down, F. Perusse and CHOI 98.1 FM. I used books like "JavaScript usage" and "How building your web site", in french (of course). But I did not use books to learn how making pictures with PhotoShop or Fireworks, I learn to make pictures from my-self.

Peace, fiz.

about quikpix

I decided to start this company because I had many requests for making logos and banners. Before, I had a website were you could download my QuiKIRC, a mIRC script. But I realized that not a lot people were interested by mIRC scripts... but the site was using great graphics made by me, so I had an idea: a graphic site where you can view my graphic work. So I started building the first version of the QuiKPix website. The version you are reading is because it took 3 times before I tought it was design I really wanted!

direct contact

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- irc(#mIRC on Undernet, sometimes)

quote of the week (and also the only french part of the site)

April 14th (quote by Henri)
"Avez-vous remarqué qu'on voit jamais Scooby Doo et Marcel Leboeuf ensemble... j'pense qu'ils sont en chicane."

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