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old news

Some new mods posted by fiz on April 14th, 2003
Ok, there are not a lot of big updates but I added a quote of the week section.

Banners attack! posted by fiz on April 12th, 2003
I decided to re-design the banners in the links section to make them nicer. So, new irfanview, mozco, xnview and banners. I also added three consolable skins to download, made with MSPaint and I modified the links section.

Oops... posted by fiz on April 6th, 2003
After having some problems with the new design (the damn tripod ad.) I rebuilt the site without frames..

What am I doing!?! posted by fiz on April 5th, 2003
Hey hey! Seriously, I don't know why I change the website design every two weeks... I added also a downloads section where you can download my wallpapers.